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End of Lease Pest Control Service

The real estate agent can recommend a pest control company to the tenant for their end of lease flea spray but they cannot exclude the tenant from engaging with another particular pest control company.

Our team will deal with your property manager after treatment and make sure that they are 100% satisfied from our service. We have an understanding of what the tenants want and what they expect from an end of lease pest control service.

Avoid costly tribunals with our guaranteed standard care service! At “Cheap Pest Control Brisbane” we are able to provide you with the best quality work in accordance with the rental agreement for less. Our excellence in service and special prices for end of lease pest control make us your best choice of pest control in Brisbane.

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Flea Infestation Treatment

Flea Infestation Treatment

Fleas are small, wingless insects ranging in size from approximately 1-10 mm in length. Fleas have been a challenging pest for humans over the past hundred years. They are responsible for the transmission of the “bubonic plague” or, “Black Death”. Fleas are hosts for a wide range of largely understudied pathogens (except Yersinia pestis). Scientific studies showed that flea-borne diseases might re-emerge in epidemic form. In Australia, the plague struck Sydney in 1900, resulted in the death of about 300 people in eight months. Fortunately, we are free from the scourge today though it can still be found in some parts of the world.

Fleas reproduce quickly, especially if you have pets in the household. Even without pets, your yard can potentially play host to fleas. Adult fleas feed on the blood of their host and although most fleas are adapted to one particular animal, many are not host specific and will move to other animals if their preferred host is unavailable.

Flea control is typically undertaken for two reasons, first to reduce the risks of disease transmission and second to address a pest problem associated with parasitization of domestic animals such as cats and dogs by this insect.

The pest treatment is the first step to make a flea free environment for your family and pets. You should treat any animals in your household for fleas before any insecticide application by our pest control technicians. You can simply help our professional pest manager to control the flea infestation quicker by undertaking some basic hygienic tasks. Vacuuming, will pick up eggs and all stages of the life cycle, although larvae tend to “hold on” to carpet fibers. Make sure that the vacuum bag is thrown in the garbage bin or bagless cleaners are emptied into a garbage bag, which is subsequently discarded. We always ask our clients to wash their pet bedding and clean the outdoor area before our technician arrival. It is highly recommended that the grass must be closely mown to enable thorough treatment. Please apply insect repellent before starting grass moving.

Call our friendly staff at Cheap Pest Control Brisbane for help just after first bite with fleas or even if you are unsure about any potential infestation. We will inspect your property thoroughly to find any sign of fleas activity and their hot spot in your premises. In Cheap Pest control Brisbane we use the latest chemical and effective approaches to combat the flea infestation in your household.


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Cockroach Infestation Treatment

Cockroach Infestation Treatment

Cockroaches belong to the insect order Blattodea of which there are approximately 4,000 species worldwide and 400 species native to Australia. About 30 species are associated with human habitations such as German Cockroaches, Brown Cockroaches, Brown-Banded Cockroaches, American and Austarlian Cockroaches.

Cockroaches are probable carriers of a number of debilitating diseases including salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis. They can cause allergic reaction in some people. This allergic reaction is a worldwide phenomenon, with sensitivity to cockroaches ranging from 23–60% of the population tested.

In Cheap Pest Control Brisbane we always combine different techniques and tools to achieve a better results. For a heavy infestation, we apply a liquid residual insecticide with added Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) and treat any voids or cavities with insecticidal dust and aerosol. IGR is a substance that inhibits the life cycle of an insect. These chemicals are specific insecticide and very safe for human and other organism. Most of IGRs typically work by mimicking or inhibiting the juvenile hormone (JH), one of the two major hormones involved in insect molting. We also use insect dry bait and gels to suppress cockroach activity in your premises. With this approaches we turn affected cockroaches into mobile bait stations. So, once cockroaches have eaten these products, their contaminated faeces and bodies can contaminate other cockroaches producing a ‘domino effect’ within the cockroach population. Our pest control technicians will apply small spots of gel in out of the reach areas where cockroaches are commonly found (eg. under sink units and cupboards) and therefore there is very little risk of exposure to the product. Most of our gels and insect baits are not classified as a poison therefore there is also very little risk of adverse effects even if the spots are accidentally contacted by children at home.


There is absolutely no excuse for not being able to effectively control an infestation of cockroaches in both domestic and commercial properties. We have zero tolerance for presence of cockroaches in your property. In most cases, cockroach infestation control is not a once-off treatment and our team members in Cheap Pest Control Brisbane need to inspect your property after initial treatment as follow-up services for a successful management. When cockroach infestation is under control annual pest control is recommended.


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Ant Eradication Service

Ant Eradication Service

Many kinds of ants can become a nuisance in homes and other buildings. Most indoor ant problems originate from outdoor locations. Once they enter a building they may establish colonies in wall voids and many other places. Often however, ants are living outdoors and only entering buildings to forage for food. The key to controlling ants is, understanding how they live, how they behave, and what they need to survive. Unfortunately, most DIY ant control approaches are not successful because they kill only the ants you see. In Cheap Pest Control Brisbane, our professional pest control technicians will follow the ant trails and try to find their nests in your property. Ants lay down a chemical pheromone trail along their established routes to and from a food source so other Ants can easily find the food.


That is important to know different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments and effective treatments must penetrate and destroy nests to help prevent these pests from returning. There are many different types of products in the market to control ant infestation however their efficiency and effectiveness on different ant population are not the same. Our experienced and qualified staff will use the best solution for ant problem in your house.

We always use an integrated approach to avoid their future returning.

In Cheap Pest Control Brisbane, we always try to minimize your family exposure to insecticide and we mostly use Ant Gel and Insect Dray Baits for interior ant treatment. The ant gel is an innovative technology that can be used in many sensitive situations for outstanding ant control. Ant gel bait targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders plus additional ant species but in some situation stronger insecticides and other measures are required to manage ant infestation in garden, thankfully, we have a range of options to treat them!


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Annual Pest Control Service and Termite Inspection

Annual pest control is an important part of property maintenance. Even the brand new and loveliest house can turn into a nightmare if it gets infested with cockroaches or rodents. You definitely need some help if you want to return your house to a comfortable condition. Unfortunately, most traditional general pest control procedures cause their own set of problems. In Cheap Pest Control Brisbane we have exchanged blind massive spraying with a targeted pest management using new advances technologies in pest control industry. We always try to minimize your family exposure to insecticide because we know that it took 30 years to discover the negative impact of DDT on human and wildlife. Although many manufacturing companies claimed the synthetic Pyrethroids insecticides are completely safe and environmentally friendly we always take extra care about their application.

Did you know that termite invasion is a common threat to all mainland Australian homes?  In fact, it is estimated that 34% of homes are infested with termites right now! Having your home inspected by a Professional Pest Manager is the first step to ensuring your home is termite-free.  Keeping it termite-free is the next step. We strongly recommend using new technology to protect your house and investment property.  Sentricon AlwaysActive™ is a revolutionary product for the Australian market.  It combines the best aspects of the traditional chemical barrier and wooden monitoring systems, without any of the drawbacks.  Like a chemical barrier, it is effective from the moment of installation.  Like a monitoring system, it can easily accommodate house extensions and renovations, landscaping and tree roots and even the family dogs’ delight in digging! Please contact us if you need further information about this technology.

We use pet and kid friendly insecticides that have no negative impact on the environment. In all services we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied from our services. We are proud to say that all our insecticides are made in Australia and are approved by the Australian authorities for urban pest control. We prefer to buy our insecticide from national suppliers rather than low-priced overseas seller whom provide low quality insecticides. In Cheap Pest Control Brisbane, we always use different classes of insecticides with different mode of action to manage insecticide resistance and enhance our service efficiency. Our team members follow all essential guidelines to save environment and your family from extensive exposure to chemicals. To prevent any infestation, we always recommend annual pest control as necessary service for each household. Our pest control technicians inspect your property to find any sign of infestation because sometimes you are not aware of the presence of these unwanted nocturnal gusts in your house. We will build secure barriers inside your house as well as provide you with tips and guidance in keeping your property safe from pests in the future. Our technicians will give you all the information you need about what chemicals, gels, baits or sprays we may have to use in your required service. We also have provided the Material Safety Data Sheet of all insecticides used in our services in the pesticide section of our website. Click Here

Cheap Pest Control Brisbane offers extended warranty and a 100% satisfaction Guarantee on all of our services. We want to work with you to create a secure and pest free environment for you and your family.


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Rodent Control Service

Rodent Control

There are many reasons why we consider rodents to be pests. Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.

The primary strategy for preventing human exposure to rodent diseases is effective rodent control in and around the home. Please contact Cheap Pest Control Brisbane when you see the first sign of their activity in your household. We always give prioritized appointment to our customer with rodent infestation problem and consider their appointment as emergency service.

First thing you need to do after finding this unwanted gust in your property is eliminating any food and water sources from their access. Take look at your household environment and take steps to prevent rodent entry by sealing up any holes inside and outside of your property. Remove places of shelter that might attract rats and mice. Consider all the areas in the home that rodents typically invade the roof, under the house, kitchen and bathrooms. And don’t forget sheds and garages.

In our standard Rodent Control service, we use lockable bait stations around the property where we found rodent activity. These stations are safe to use even in areas where children or pets may be present. The rat/mice bait or rodenticide contained within the device is only accessible to rats/mice and offers an effective solution to your rodent problem. We also treat the roof cavity with Contrac Blox® to manage any inside infestation, if necessary.

This product is an anti-coagulant which means once the mice eat this product they begin to bleed to death from the inside.  The mice first become sick, and then grow tired and pass in their sleep. Usually, the sign of activity should completely disappear or significantly decrease after 2 weeks from initial treatment. In some cases, due to high level of infestation or serious rodent issue in the neighborhood additional bait replacement is necessary.

In cheap Pest Control Brisbane we are committed to use the best products in the market. Contrac Blox® protects your house from any rodent infestation for almost a year. The active ingredient within the product would most likely stay effective longer then one year but the food ingredients or the attractants will start to degrade and will no longer be attractive to rodents. Although many manufacturing companies claim that some rodenticides will make a rodent exit the building after they eat the bait, leave in search of water or dry up immediately after death but there is no scientific proof or evidence for this claim.


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