Important Information Concerning Your Pest Management Program

Health and Safety Information

  1. You must advise us of any pets or of any family/staff allergies, or other concerns.
  2. Any persons who are particularly sensitive, or who suffer from allergic reactions, should, as a matter of precaution, remain out of the premises for a period of 24 hours and not return until after the premises have been fully ventilated.
  3. You must remove or protect any people, animals, birds or fish during the treatment period.
  4. Should you suspect anyone has come into contact with a treated area and has been affected in any way contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 and have this notice with you.
  5. You must cover all food items and all food utensils.
  6. You must ensure general housekeeping is carried out and maintain the home as neatly as possible afterward for long-term results.
  7. You must ensure loose items are cleared around the floor areas throughout the home. Our technician must avoid spraying on top of the personal items including clothes, toys, shoes, stored materials, etc. and it will reduce the efficiency of your treatment.
  8. You must avoid contact with treated surfaces until the insecticide has dried. This could take one (1) to three (3) hours in some cases.
  9. On external treatments close all doors and windows during the treatment and keep closed until the odour has cleared. This could take one (1) to three (3) hours in some cases. This is done to avoid any odour entering the building.
  10. You must observe any verbal advice provided by our firm or our licensed operator at the time of treatment.
  11. You must ensure your premises are properly ventilated after treatment. Leave any air-conditioners on ‘vent mode’ (so they circulate outside air into the building) for a period of at least four hours after the treatment or after re-occupying.
  12. Water Tanks: No treatment can be carried out around water tanks not fully sealed or to water collection areas. You must advise us of water tanks installations.

Treatment Details and Control Agents

  1. Only control agents approved by the Department of Primary Industry and Energy’s Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and registered for use in the relevant State or Territory or in accord with a Permit issued by APVMA or State Authority will be used.
  2. While every care will be taken, Cheap Pest Control Brisbane will not be held liable should staining of timbers, fabrics, wall coverings, floor coverings or any other damge occur.
  3. Our professional service is tailored for your home and our technician will assess the best areas, chemicals and methods to treat your property based on the environment and infestation levels found.
  4. You accept that this Pest Management program can be rendered ineffective if you fail to implement our recommended hygiene procedures, by making building and/or landscaping alterations, or by the introduction of conducive or infested materials.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or question.